It's Time to Talk To Contemporary Log Homes!

When you're ready to realize your dream...when you've decided to take the next step yet still have questions that need's time to talk to the folks at Contemporary Log Homes.  We can help make your dream come true.

Our staff will answer all your questions, assist you with plan design, navigate with you through the building and construction phases and more than likely save you money in the process!.  No double-talk or smoke and mirrors, straight forward answers you'll understand.

Unparalleled Commitment to Service

The strength of our company rests in our service commitment, striving for complete and total satisfaction of each client; past, present and future. We’ll be there to assist from design through all phases of construction. For more than 30 years, we’ve assisted our clients in realizing their dream of owning their own log home.  With this primary focus on service, our company is staffed to

  • assist in choosing and designing your log home

  • draw your plans

  • pass plans through building requirements

  • order and check your materials

  • offer on-site assistance with the initial construction of your home.

We can explain the many benefits of owning a log home; clarify issues regarding log homes versus conventional construction; and in general, help you with your first step towards log home ownership.

Creative and Innovative Plan Design

With our sister company, Design Professionals, Contemporary Log Homes has been and continues to be one of the leading log home designers and material providers in the country, specializing in unique, creative and innovative design of log homes and structures.

Offering full architectural services, we can custom draw plans from your specifications and design. Alternatively, choose from our standard plans or peruse through literally thousands of plans stored in our archives.

You will get the plan you want!